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Why Us

Vanquish Claims was established to offer the UK public a faster, fairer and simpler approach to PPI refunds. Our business was founded on a specific set of values which we have invested in each and every case handled to date. In delivering a uniquely personal service package backed by industry experience.
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Our Values


One of the most important puzzle-pieces often overlooked by PPI claims companies is simplicity. Here at Vanquish Claims, we fully understand that you probably don’t know a great deal about the whole PPI mis-selling saga and may have more than a few worries and fears about making a claim. That’s why we’re committed to making the whole process as simple as possible and never, ever make assumptions about what our clients know and don’t know.

All we need from you are the basic details to get started – Vanquish Claims takes care of the rest on your behalf.


The whole point of seeking PPI refunds in the first place is to make sure that justice is served, fairly. To seek an honest refund from a bank or lender only to then mislead the client is not the Vanquish Claims way of doing business. Instead, we’ll be straight-up with you from the first moment of contact on every matter across the board. From the validity of your claim to the pay-out you receive to any attached fees or charges, you’ll be kept fully up to speed every step of the way.

With Vanquish Claims, transparency comes as standard.


Our dedicated pool of customer service advisors and accounts managers has been hand-selected and vetted for passion, professionalism and performance. We’re not in the habit of hiring hobbyists or those with no real regard for the industry, which in turn guarantees professional service and an attentive attitude at all times.

We don’t cold-call and we outlaw pushy sales techniques – Vanquish Claims believes in pure professionalism.


Having been in the industry for some time, we’ve encountered pretty much every type of claim imaginable – not to mention every plausible result. We’ve fought failed attempts, we’ve met with unrivalled successes and we’re never afraid to tell our clients the truth if they have no valid claim to make. What’s more, our experience has taught us how to apply for refunds not only successfully, but quickly and smoothly.

Vanquish Claims has experience that counts in spades.

The Personal Touch

Above all else however, we inject that often-absent personal touch into the process to ensure you never feel as if you’re being treated like a statistic, or served by robots. This is made possible by one simple means – we actually care about you, your claim and the ultimate outcome.

If you also value the personal touch and the values of Vanquish Claims, call 0844 567 9222 or fill in our PPI claim form today!