Here at Vanquish Claims, we try to guarantee a world-class service package built on rock-solid foundation of professionalism, passion and that all-important personal touch. We understand how daunting it can be to go ahead with any kind of claim against a bank or major lender, which is why we’ve invested tirelessly in making the claims process as simple and straight-forward as possible.
With Vanquish Claims, your complete confidence is our primary goal.

Do You Have PPI?

Of course, the first thing to establish is whether or not you have in fact made PPI payments to claim back in the form of a refund. If however you’ve taken any kind of financial services or product out in the last 20 years or so, there’s a strong chance this is indeed the case. From car financing packages to home loans to personal credit cards and really anything else along similar lines, PPI was something of a standard product sold by banks and lenders – often without the borrower’s permission.

Identifying PPI Payments

All banks and lenders are by law required to disclose each and every payment/charge by way of their customers’ statements. As such, if you have made PPI payments at any time in the past, they will show up on your statements somewhere. That being said, there’s a good chance you won’t currently have statements dating back a decade or so, plus you may need help in identifying where and when the PPI payments were made. On all accounts, you could benefit from giving the Vanquish Claims team a call – we’ll guide you through the process of obtaining what you need to set the wheels in motion.

What Happens Next?

Once we have all the information we need from you, it’s essentially a case of sitting back, relaxing and letting us take care of things on your behalf. We’ll put a case together for you, take it to your bank and request the refund that’s owed to you in full. They may agree right away, they may make a lower offer or they may refuse outright – in any and all cases however we will continue fighting until a FULL refund is offered. We’ll keep you up to speed along the way and may contact you should we require any more information – other than this though, it’s smooth sailing all the way!

How Long Will It Take?

It’s impossible to put an exact time to any given claim as the speed of its resolution will be determined by myriad factors. In our experience however, around eight to 16 weeks is about the average time to expect – 16 weeks being the upper-limit set by the Financial Conduct Authority for claims to be fairly investigated. Where possible however, we’ll seek a resolution much quicker than this.

If My Claim is Rejected, What’s the Cost?

In a word – nothing! We operate in a manner whereby you won’t pay a penny if your case isn’t successful and a full refund isn’t offered.

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