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Learn About PPI

Learn About PPI

Right now, billions of pounds has been set aside by UK banks and lenders in order to refund those mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance over the past 20 years. So don’t pass up the opportunity to gain access to a refund that could be worth thousands of pounds – give the Vanquish Claims team a call today and set the ball rolling!

PPI – What Is It?

If you took out any kind of financial product over the past 20 years, there’s a good chance it came with Personal Payment Protection attached. For a great many years, banks and lenders wholeheartedly recommended that loans, mortgages, credit cards and all such other services were taken out with PPI in-tow. On the surface, the benefits of PPI seemed to far outweigh the costs – pay a little each month and you’re covered in case you’re ever too ill to make the repayments yourself, or if you lose your job.

Unfortunately, things weren’t quite as amicable as they appeared to be and for millions of UK consumers, PPI was knowingly and in some cases deliberately mis-sold.

The Great PPI Scandal

When it came to light that some banks had been breaking the rules, a wider investigation was carried out. This revealed that the overwhelming majority of British banks and lenders had likewise been misleading their customers on the subject of PPI, in turn leading to billions being spent on services that were entirely worthless.

In some cases, PPI was knowingly sold to customers who already had a fully valid PPI alternative in place. Then there were those for whom the whole idea of PPI was irrelevant as they didn’t fulfil the necessary criteria by way of their health or employment status. Worse still, thousands of customers were sold PPI without ever being made aware of the fact – the banks having simply added on the extra charges and collected the payments each month, without telling their customers the truth.

In all such cases, these banks and lenders are now under strict instructions to pay back every penny.

Are You Entitled?

Chances are you won’t be able to think back to the financial products and services you took out 20 years ago in fine detail, but this doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to a refund. If you took out any such services over the last two decades, it’s likely that PPI crept into the equation somewhere along the way – Vanquish Claims is here to help establish if you’re owed a refund and how much.

Exactly how much you’re entitled to will be determined by myriad factors, though in many cases our clients walk away with thousands of pounds – money that’s rightfully theirs. What’s more, we promise never to settle for any offer that isn’t every penny of what’s owed to you – banks often try and get away with paltry token payments, which are by rights just as dishonest as the PPI scandal in the first place.

You won’t know what you’re owed until you take that first step – call 0844 567 9222 or fill in our PPI claim form today and see what Vanquish Claims can do for you!