Who We Are

Two of the most commonly asked question about Vanquish Claims are who we are and what exactly we do. It’s pretty clear we’re in the business of fighting for fair and fast Payment Protection Insurance refunds, but what is it that makes our team.
Just who are the brains behind Vanquish Claims?

Industry Experts

Unlike a rather alarming proportion of the UK’s most commonly-known PPI claims services, the Vanquish team is populated exclusively by industry experts. We believe in the importance of experience above all else, which is why your case will be handled exclusively by those already versed in every element of every step of every imaginable claims process, in order to ensure the fairest and fastest result every time.

Have we faced claims that have been rejected? Of course we have, but these are exactly the kinds of challenges we thrive on. As such, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been turned down elsewhere or have had your case denied at the very final hurdle – Vanquish Claims will aim to succeed where all others may have failed you.

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What We Do

The answer to the question on who we are is simple – we’re a team of passionate, dedicated professionals with the knowledge and experience necessary to make your case a success. But what is it that we actually do for our clients?

Well, the simple answer here is anything and everything required to ensure the claim goes through swiftly and fairly, in order to ensure the most appropriate outcome. If, for example, you don’t have a valid PPI claim, we’re not in the habit of trying to push for a refund that’s dishonest – we’ll tell you the truth from square one. If, on the other hand, you were mis-sold PPI to any extent at any time in the last 20 years, we’ll ascertain the terms by which it was offered, calculate how much you’re owed and make sure the bank or lender pays out every last penny.

More often than not, we’ll need minimal information from you in order to get started, perhaps little more than the necessary details of your account and access to a few documents. The process is often much simpler than our clients expect, though where complications arise you can rest assured of the best possible representation from the team at Vanquish Claims.

No Risk to You

Incredibly, there are still some PPI claims companies on the UK market that charge their customers prior to the claim application being made in the first place. This is something that goes entirely against who we are at Vanquish Claims, as we believe that to take such risks is wholly unacceptable. Regardless of the outcome, we promise that any PPI refund claim you bring our way will carry no risk whatsoever to you – your peace of mind matters to us and will never be compromised.

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