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About Vanquish Claims

Chances are you’ll have heard about the recent Payment Protection Insurance scandal that’s been gripping UK banks for a fair few years now. However, there’s a good chance you won’t fully understand the mechanics of PPI, or whether or not you yourself are affected by the whole PPI saga.
Vanquish Claims went into business for UK residents exactly like you. If you’ve taken out any kind of financial product over the past 20 years and haven’t yet looked into the agreement in full, there’s a good chance you were sold PPI that was unnecessary, invalid or added onto your account without your permission.
If so, you could be due a refund worth thousands of pounds – Vanquish Claims can help make sure you get what’s rightfully yours.

Experience That Matters

Here at Vanquish Claims, every single account manager and team leader within our pool has had hands-on experience of pursuing mis-sold PPI Claims. This kind of experience is fundamentally vital for the successful handling and processing of claims, not to mention trying to ensure the maximum refund amount is paid for each successful case.

In addition, all of our managers have dealt with claims that have been previously denied or gone to appeal, which in the majority of the cases have been quickly and successfully overruled in favour of our clients. We make it a point to involve junior members in observing these particularly tricky cases so they can learn quickly – success breeds success.

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Vanquish approach to PPI Claims

Vanquish is all about adding that often-absent personal touch from the process. We don’t expect you to know the subject inside-out, we know you won’t be up to speed with convoluted legal jargon and we understand that you won’t be able to put your life on hold while the claim process plays out.

We try to make claiming back PPI simple and stress free. All we need from you are the basic details of your case, with which we’ll then be able to carry out an investigation and find out if you’re due a refund.

What’s more, there are no hidden charges to worry about and no stealth fees – Vanquish Claims believes in pure, unbridled transparency.

One Call Does it All

While we may need additional information or documents from you in due course, it takes nothing more than a quick phone-call to set the wheels in motion and take that first step toward the refund you deserve.

Can you afford to pass up the chance to possibly take home thousands of pounds you may have paid out unfairly?

Get in touch with Vanquish Claims – call 0844 567 9222 or fill in our PPI claim form today!