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Are you among the millions of UK consumers mis-sold or misled on the subject of Payment Protection Insurance? Have you spent months, maybe even years paying for a service you didn’t want, need or ask for? Or perhaps you’re already aware of the PPI scandal, but aren’t sure where to turn for help?

Vanquish Claims exists for one reason alone – to help you claim the PPI refund you may be entitled to.

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  • Millions Misled
  • PPI on Loans
  • PPI on Personal Loans
  • PPI on Mortgages
  • PPI on Credit Cards
  • On Your Side, Every Step Of the Way
  • A Proud Record

Millions Misled

For too long, banks have been allowed to get away with ripping off their customers by adding PPI onto loans, credit cards, mortgages and other financial products without their customers' permission. In many cases the protection insurance policy was either unnecessary, invalid or entirely inappropriate for purpose, resulting in millions of customers paying huge sums of money for services they couldn't or wouldn't ever use.

Here at Vanquish Claims, we specialise in investigating the individual cases of each client that comes our way, in order to assess whether or not a valid claim can be made. If PPI has been mis-sold to you, you could be in line for a refund of anything up several thousand pounds.

PPI on Loans

Have you taken out a loan in the last 20 years? You may have been mis-sold a Payment Protection Insurance policy and could reclaim the money spent.

PPI on Personal Loans

An extraordinary number of personal loans paid out over the past 20 years were sold with unwanted or unnecessary PPI attached – are you owed a refund on yours?

PPI on Mortgages

If you took out a home loan over the past 20 years, there's a strong chance it may have been sold with PPI added on without your consent – call today to discuss a possible refund.

PPI on Credit Cards

Everyday credit cards are among the most common products of all to carry unnecessary and unfair PPI – you could be due a refund, so call today for a free consultation.

On Your Side, Every Step Of the Way

Vanquish Claims believes in honesty, transparency and the personal touch with every case we handle. We'll be sure to keep you informed every step of the way and promise never to leave you in the dark.

Get in touch with Vanquish Claims for your PPI claim today and be assured of:

  • The fastest, fairest resolution possible
  • 100% transparency and honesty
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Professional advice from start to finish

A Proud Record

To date, we've helped huge numbers of customers up and down the UK in getting their hands on the refunds rightly owed to them. In many cases, refunds of thousands of pounds have helped change lives for the better.

Your peace of mind is our absolute guarantee.

Get in touch with the Vanquish Claims team today on 0844 567 9222, or fill out the contact form to get started.